The surprises that are my girl friends

This is an acknowledgement and a thank you to a few special ladies in my life.

To my mind, there are a few special friends in life that one can turn to and honestly say “I love you”. For me, interestingly and despite being married, these are mostly male. That said, since hitting adulthood, a few special women have entered my life and made themselves comfy in my I-love-you zone. So this is for them.

Palesa Natasha Motapo. My first. That woman who made me want to be an extrovert, but accepted and loved me for the blunt, forward introvert I am. My favourite mirror. You never let me get away with bull, but you show me in the best light. You are my friend outside of time and distance and you inspire me, even in your absence. You see and accept me warts and all and you tailored your friendship to that. Until you, I have never desperately wanted to be in someone’s orbit or felt the need to hug someone on sight. But you, special, magnetic, radiant woman, you blew my mind and my defences and I am so blessed to call you a friend. Now stop working so hard, I miss you.

Megan Cousins. Who knew. You were one of those sneaky sods. There I was, minding my own business, happily oblivious to the world and all social expectations, when I look up to find myself a friend richer. That’s cheating, you know. You’re supposed to fire a warning shot, or something. You share my love of animals and you pour your whole soul into everything. You are inspiring and I wish I could give so much of myself to everything. There is no spirit more giving and I am so much richer for your unexpected spot in my heart.

Lisa Haworth. Sure, we’re technically family, but there’s no law saying we have to get on. When first you made contact after all those years, I was so taken aback. Today I am truly grateful. You have given me back my belief in family. You have shared a heritage and made all the moves, because I can be an obstinate cow about such things. You are a fighter and a hero and I get to share in your journey and I am grateful every day for that.

Mandy-Lee Miller. I never saw you coming either. From what I expected to be a no attachments interview, a friendship has grown. You bring wisdom and support and cheer to my life. You keep me sane during long days of being a mommy. You walk me through it step by step and you are just so present. I can’t believe I found you. I can’t believe that of all the random online encounters, I got to connect with you. I count myself truly fortunate.

To these 4 beautiful women, who each embodies strength, wisdom, gentleness and beauty in their own way and each brings something so incredibly special to my life, THANK YOU. You are amazing and I am so grateful you put up with me.

I love you all millions.

PS: My mom and sister are also awesome, but they are a post for another time.


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